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Hughes Fan Club
Favourite cartoon character: Maes Hughes
:bulletblue: Welcome to the Maes Hughes Fanclub! :bulletblue:

This is, obviously, a club for fans of Maes Hughes from the great manga and anime Fullmetal Alchemist! It was created on the whim of two lover of Hughes, sakiru and nemisiscat , and now it's open for all fans to join! X3

:iconnemisiscat: The Boss
:iconcrowlover13: :icontazsaints: :iconbenjiih: The Admins

:postit: Recent News :postit:

Hey guys! (and gals too :D)  It's me, tazsaints.Not much to update on, other than it's probably not a bad time to get voting on the contest ideas below here. :D The ide with the most votes will be our next contest theme!
I'm already negotiating with a few people to see what piccy prizes I can get too. :)

Ideas: -- Chose one of these, and vote!!

1) DarkMythril ~ Drawing Hughes showing pictures of Elysia to a character from another anime/fandom.
2) XFantasyAddictX ~ Funniest phone call from Hughes to Roy -- Comic or single picture.
3) kirbykandy ~ A Hughes crossover -- How would he act in a different anime?
4) ginabina007 ~ 'How annoying can Hughes be' (from Roy's point of view, of course)

Now, since these are somewhat important, I'll keep the info up from last time.
Ranks. I'm sure most of you have seen them on the member pages (if not, just click the links below here). Well, what are they for, you ask? Hahahaha. It's all part of my master plan. :plotting:
The idea behind the ranks is to show who's more active within the club. It's also a good way to have more than one contest at a time too. Eg: we could ask all non-ranked peoples for one contest, and have another for those with a rank. :)
Another aspect of it, was that I was thinking of a bit of game, and maybe a big club roleplay story at one point. A story within the club will make this an interesting place to keep coming to, as well as (hopefully) hooking new members. :D As that is though, that will have to wait until we have quite a few more people ranked.
Now, how does one increase their rank?? Well, firstly, you need to be active. Submitting art is a good way to start off, but as your rank gets higher, it will be harder to get promoted. Most of the time, it will be at our (the admins) discretion, but we're not mean people. We'll be looking out for the people who really shine. :)
And above all, it's meant to be fun! :dance:

And that's all the news for now!


If anyone else happened to miss this last round, can you please go and check that your icon is listed on one the following members pages?? I just want to make sure that I've got everyone. :D
Member List - # to J
Member List - K to Q
Member List - R to Z
If it is, then sweet! You don't need to do anything else. :) But if it isn't there, then can you please send a note to the club with the subject as "Missing Icon", and we'll remedy that ASAP!


Looking for previous updates?  Check the News & Updates Journal.

:star: Current Contest

Well, I'm fresh out of ideas for contests. So, I'm going to hold a Contest Idea mini-contest. Check out the contest page for more details. =)

Go to the Contest Journal.

:pencil: Joining
To become a member of the Maes Hughes fanclub, you must:
1) Be a fan of Fullmetal Alchemist.
2) Be a fan of Hughes!
3) Send a note to this club's account. The subject must contain "join", or else the note will be ignored. Note: I will not read the notes sent, so if you include anything you want me to read, please add "please read" to the subject so I know to read the note instead of just tossing it into the join requests folder.
4) Devwatch the club to receive updates. If you do not devwatch, but you send a note, you will be sent a reminder to do so one time only. Any further join requests without devwatching will be ignored.
5) Add our icon to your journal or a link to us in your sig. ( : iconmaes-hughes : without spaces for icon and : devmaes-hughes : for link)

Please note: Requests to join in the form of comments on the main page, fanart submission, or on any journal will be ignored as it was obvious that the rules weren't read.

:painter: Submitting Fanart
If you want to send in a fanart for us to host in the club's gallery, just send us a note.  You can send whatever you want and as many as you want, as long as it has to do with Hughes, being as that's what this club is all about...  Anyway, just send a note with a link to the pic(s) you want to submit.  Please have "Fanart" as the subject. And one last thing, if you picture is a .png format, you'll have to email us a copy of the pic being as we can't download that file type.  

:!: Club Rules
There aren't really any rules in effect, but I'm going to add some now. ^ ^
1) No flaming. If you have a problem with another member take it to note or IM them.
2) No spoilers. I understand you want to gab about what just recently happened, or hell, what may have happened in, oh... say.. episode 25, but some people may not be as far through the series as you are. Don't ruin it for them.
3) Golden Rule.  Treat others how you want to be treated.
4) Please do NOT favorite the work posted in this gallery. If you want to add a pic to your favorites, please visit the artist's devpage and favorite their submission.
Not many rules, but hey... these are pretty important. lol

:w00t: Members
The Maes-Hughes fanclub currently has over 600 members!
newest member:
:iconbeyblade-fanatic: :new:
Welcome, fellow Hughes fan!  :wave:
Member List - # to J
Member List - K to Q
Member List - R to Z

:+devwatch: Affiliates
To become an affiliate of the Maes Hughes Fanclub, you must:
1) Be in some way related to Maes Hughes or Fullmetal Alchemist.
2) Send us a note asking for an affiliation and if it's not completely obvious how your club relates to ours, spell it out.
3) As we'll be adding your icon to our page, please return the courtesy.

FMA affiliates (39):

Other affiliates (8):

My other clubs (1):

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